Work package 6

Hemocompatibility and Antimicrobial Coatings

Lead: Universidade do Minho

In-vivo validation of ArtPlac, development of a protocol for human application

HemoArtPlac is an integral part of the ArtPlac project, aiming to revolutionize the treatment of sick newborn infants through the development of a pumpless artificial placenta. Current devices face limitations due to congestion from blood clots or catheter-associated bloodstream infections, posing significant risks such as intraventricular bleeding and antimicrobial resistance. HemoArtPlac proposes a multidimensional approach for surface modification of ArtPlac devices to mitigate these risks, simplifying intensive care of critically ill newborns and improving their survival rates and neurological outcomes.

The widening partner, Universidade do Minho, brings extensive experience in surface modification and fabrication of biocompatible and biofunctional coatings, supported by a unique state-of-the-art facility for biomaterials development. The project will focus on developing novel, customized multifunctional covalent functionalization, mimicking the anti-clotting properties of natural vessels. This includes the immobilization of antithrombin heparin complex and the incorporation of nitric oxide releasing components. Importantly, these methodologies and coatings extend beyond ArtPlac, promising broader applications in neonatology and biomedical blood-contacting consumables.

Preventing Blood Clotting and Achieving Hemocompatibility: Developing surface modifications to reduce clotting-associated complications, ensuring the safe operation of ArtPlac devices.
Inhibiting Thrombocyte Aggregation: Implementing strategies to inhibit thrombocyte aggregation, further enhancing device safety and efficacy.
Abolishing the Use of Antibiotics: Creating coatings that eliminate the need for systemic antibiotics, mitigating the risk of antimicrobial resistance and associated complications.
Validating the Artificial Placenta Treatment Concept: Conducting comprehensive validation studies to confirm the efficacy of the newly developed coating technology in improving patient outcomes.

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ArtPlac is a preclinical research project dedicated to develop an innovative technology of medical treatments for neonatal intensive care.


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